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Monday, June 12, 2006

Day after

Today is the day after my birthday. I think I’m still full from all the food that I ate this weekend. The cool thing is that once people find out that it’s your birthday, they feel the need to give you free stuff. I’m all for that as I was treated to many a buffet in the last few days. I sit in front of my computer screen A LOT because of my home based business. You’d think that all this eating and sitting would catch up to me. Surprisingly at 29 years old and doing what I do, I don’t have the belly to show for it. I’d like to thank my maternal side of the family for their genes.

I didn’t get that Transformer toy that I wanted or a fun filled afternoon spent at Chuck E’ Cheese’s but at least I got to spend time the best people in the world. I did get a copy of Civilization IV from Kelly, some free movie passes from my brother and sister and a grip of cash from my dad. He never knows what I want so money is cool with me. Finally, at around 10:20pm I was surprised by a happy birthday phone call from another super yet undisclosed(on my part) person. I really don’t want to know what comes after 29.


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