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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still the Champ

It's official. After my cousin challenged me to SF2 Turbo edition, I showed him who is still the man to beat. He had trouble performing his Dragon punches, but that did not matter at all. He wasn't able to withstand my onslaught from all angles and quickly realised that his game play didn't hold up against mine. I had my choice of using Ryu, Ken, Guile and Zangief, and any one of these choices turned out to be a good choice for me. My cousin then challenged me to a game of chess afterwards. To my surprise, he was a lot better than the last time I played him. But once again, I came out on top after my knight toppled his rook for an exchange that had to be made because of a forced check. One thing that he could beat me at is basketball, but of course he has the height and experience of the game on his side. However, I never really liked the game and if he ever wanted to challenge me to a game of hockey then I would be happy to oblige.


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