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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Did you ever notice that a lot of the cartoons in the 80s had characters who appeared to be very "ripped" or muscular. He-man is obvious, but Prince Adam shared the same physical attributes as him. In fact, he carried the same sword and looked just like He-man. That is one thing I really appreciated with the new He-man cartoon. At least they made Adam look like a teenager, and He-man like the most powerful man in the universe. Skeletor had an amazing physique as well, but he only used his magic and never his muscles.

Another 80s cartoon character was Mum-Ra from Thundercats. When he became Mum-Ra, the ever living source of Evil, he was just a Hulk. When do mummies have the time to work out, and what purpose are all the muscles for any way?


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