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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

He Man

A little while ago, my girlfriend bought me the Top ten fan selected He-Man episodes. Today a watched the first two shows of the DVD. The first one was Evilseed. I laughed my ass off when Skeletor said that he wasn't going to be beaten by that cabbage, or to something to that extent. The second episode was the Quest for He-Man where Skeletor transported him to another Universe.

I have to say that it got me all choked up when I saw Prince Adam raising his sword and making his transformation into He-Man. I remember having serious discussions with my older brother about who has the most powerful sword. There was He-Man's sword, Excalibur, the Star sword and Power sword combined, Luke's lightsaber, the Sword of Omens, and I'm sure there is more. Discuss away.


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