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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still the Champ

It's official. After my cousin challenged me to SF2 Turbo edition, I showed him who is still the man to beat. He had trouble performing his Dragon punches, but that did not matter at all. He wasn't able to withstand my onslaught from all angles and quickly realised that his game play didn't hold up against mine. I had my choice of using Ryu, Ken, Guile and Zangief, and any one of these choices turned out to be a good choice for me. My cousin then challenged me to a game of chess afterwards. To my surprise, he was a lot better than the last time I played him. But once again, I came out on top after my knight toppled his rook for an exchange that had to be made because of a forced check. One thing that he could beat me at is basketball, but of course he has the height and experience of the game on his side. However, I never really liked the game and if he ever wanted to challenge me to a game of hockey then I would be happy to oblige.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Street Fighter 2 Challenge

My younger cousin challenged me to a game of Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the Super Nintendo recently. Unfortunately, neither of us still had the copy…until today. After winning an auction on ebay, the game finally appeared on my doorstep. So you probably know what I did this afternoon. Using Ryu, Ken, Guile and Zangief, I completed the game on the hardest level offered. I’m just sharpening my skills for the much anticipated battle. Before when we were young teenagers, my cousin was really good at the game. He could easily beat every one of his friends, but he could never beat me. In fact, I won a couple of real tournaments and ever since then he has wanted to dethrone the champ. We did have a rematch when we were in our late teens, but once again I came out victorious. This weekend is my cousin’s son’s birthday party. He told me that once I get the game, he’ll show me that he’s the true champion of our family. But just like ‘Guile’ says, I’ll show him why he should “stay home and be a family man.”

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Did you ever notice that a lot of the cartoons in the 80s had characters who appeared to be very "ripped" or muscular. He-man is obvious, but Prince Adam shared the same physical attributes as him. In fact, he carried the same sword and looked just like He-man. That is one thing I really appreciated with the new He-man cartoon. At least they made Adam look like a teenager, and He-man like the most powerful man in the universe. Skeletor had an amazing physique as well, but he only used his magic and never his muscles.

Another 80s cartoon character was Mum-Ra from Thundercats. When he became Mum-Ra, the ever living source of Evil, he was just a Hulk. When do mummies have the time to work out, and what purpose are all the muscles for any way?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

He Man

A little while ago, my girlfriend bought me the Top ten fan selected He-Man episodes. Today a watched the first two shows of the DVD. The first one was Evilseed. I laughed my ass off when Skeletor said that he wasn't going to be beaten by that cabbage, or to something to that extent. The second episode was the Quest for He-Man where Skeletor transported him to another Universe.

I have to say that it got me all choked up when I saw Prince Adam raising his sword and making his transformation into He-Man. I remember having serious discussions with my older brother about who has the most powerful sword. There was He-Man's sword, Excalibur, the Star sword and Power sword combined, Luke's lightsaber, the Sword of Omens, and I'm sure there is more. Discuss away.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhog's Day

Happy Groundhog's day everyone! I think that's how you greet someone on February 2nd. I'm pretty sure it's not Merry Groundhog's day. Checking out, you'll see that we have 6 more weeks of winter remaining. But I guess that's okay with me as a new love in my life is snowboarding. Any way, I'll leave with a word of advice for the Groundhog...It's just your shadow!