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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Karate Kid II answers

1. Tomi Village
2. $1800 (3 to 1 he does not make through ice)
3. Geisha
4. The balls (remember Miyagi dojo in Okinawa)
5. a dancer
6. "No"
7. 3 times (Daniel in the tournament, Mr. Miyagi on the stump, Daniel against Chozen) 4 times if you count the 2 that Mr. Miyagi did on the stump.
8. Second place is "No place"
9. Daniel to dance in the Obon dance
10. 2 people. Daniel and Kumiko.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Karate Kid II Quiz

How well do you know Karate Kid II? Take this quiz and find out.

1. What didn’t the corporal realize he was standing on?

2. How much money did Mr. Miyagi and Daniel win from the ice breaking bet?

3. According to Chozen, what did Daniel dance like?

4. What is the primary target?

5. What did Kumiko want to be?

6. What did Daniel quietly say to himself when he saw Mr. Miyagi about to strike John Crease in the face?

7. How many times did you see the Crane kick used in Karate Kid II, including the scenes of Karate Kid I at the beginning?

8. According to John Crease, what is second place?

9. What was the condition imposed by Sato in order for there to be an Obon dance at the castle?

10. How many people did Chozen punch (with his fists) during the entire movie of Karate Kid II?