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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Getting used to Cindy

Tonight me and my girlfriend ended up watching 5 back to back episodes of 'Three's Company' season 5. I've already watched the entire series many times in syndication, but this is all new to her. You don't get to see too many 'physical' comedies nowadays, which is why it's so refreshing to see 'Jack Tripper' and 'Cindy Snow' get tangled with an ironing board. My girlfriend still isn't used to 'Cindy' as being the replacement of her cousin 'Chrissy Snow' played by Suzanne Somers. Right now were at the point of the series where 'Chrissy' is slowly being phased out. In the last 5 episodes or so, Suzanne Somers only appearances have been on the telephone from her fictional parents' house. She didn't even get to tape any scenes directly with the other cast members, yet you still see her in the opening credits. New characters get some getting used to, and my girlfriend felt the same way when the 'Ropers' left. But it wasn't long until she totally embraced Don Knotts as the new macho man landlord. My girlfriend cracks up everytime he does his Karate chops in the air. But she shouldn't get to used to 'Cindy' as her career on the series was short lived.


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